Private clients

We work and act in the area of family law, including inheritance law. We deal with cases involving divorce, property between former spouses/partners, child custody, alimony – including cross-border and international aspects. We handle all matters that may arise in a family or a civil partnership in Poland. We also handle cases based on the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

In the field of criminal law, we provide services to individuals involved in criminal proceedings as suspects, defendants, convicted persons as well as aggrieved parties and auxiliary prosecutors. We represent companies by appearing on their behalf in criminal cases against persons acting to their detriment. If there are circumstances justifying it, as attorneys we also represent witnesses. We undertake the defense in the course of preparatory proceedings before law enforcement agencies and courts of all instances, we also represent persons aggrieved by a crime in pursuing their rights, including financial claim against perpetrators of crimes.

We also use our knowledge in pro bono work. We support non-governmental organizations in the fight for human rights in Poland.

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