Company Law

Do you wish to form a company in the CEE?

We offer a convenient, safe and complete package. It includes:

• comprehensive support during all the steps necessary to form a company;

• widest possible representation during the company formation before notaries, authorities, banks;

• drafting of bilingual articles of association in local languages and/or English;

• drafting of bilingual contracts of employment of Managing Directors in local languages and/ or English;

• drafting of bilingual Managing Directors’ contracts of employment in local languages and/or English;

• providing English-speaking business contacts, such as tax advisors;

• providing a domicile for companies lacking their own place of business;

• correspondence with you in English;

• co-ordination of company procedures and institutional proceedings related to employment permit and/or residency permit.

We offer our services in the formation of various forms of companies on an hourly basis or as complete services for a fixed price. The costs of an individual and risk- free formation of a company are often lower than the normal cost of purchasing a ready-made shelf company. We will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Support for Existing Companies

In addition to forming new companies, we also provide legal advice and support to existing companies.

Some examples include:

• preparation of shareholders’ meetings that are formally correct and valid,

• drafting of company resolutions that are formally correct and valid,

• preparation of share transfers,

• tax optimization advice for companies,

• adjustment of existing articles of association,

• advice on and execution of transformations,

• amendment of Managing Directors contracts of employment,

• resolution of disputes between shareholders or between the shareholders and the company,

• advice for companies in crises and/or insolvency.

In the context of tax advice, we have established close relationships with several tax advisors and accountants and we can thus ensure sound advice regarding difficult legal issues and international tax law issues in the respective national language. We provide such advice together with our partners.

In addition, we offer support to companies in other legal areas such as labour law, law of residency permits and work permits, planning law, tenancy law, general civil law, claims management, etc.

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