Real Estate Law

We provide high quality, complex legal services regarding transactions (purchase, sales, rental and lease) as well as investment projects (construction) in all real estate market sectors, including real estate for office, commercial, hospitality, industrial, logistics and warehouse, residential or agricultural purposes. Some examples include:

• legal services concerning commercial real estate purchase and sales transactions, including special purpose entities and real estate portfolios,

• legal status verification and tax inspection of real estate, special purpose entities and holding companies,

• transaction and investment legal structure planning,

• planning and implementing corporate structures in real estate investments,

• legal services concerning rental and lease of office, commercial, industrial or hospitality real estate,

• legal services concerning all aspects of asset management,

• representation in administrative and administrative court proceedings concerning investment permits, including environmental approvals, zoning approvals and construction permits,

• representation in litigation and arbitration concerning real estate and construction contracts.

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